Wim Vandekeybus


Wim Vandekeybus (born in Belgium in 1963) is film director, choreographer, actor, photographer and dancer. Afterworking for two years with Jan Fabre, in 1987 he created his own working structure, Ultima Vez, a company of a dozen young artists and actors, and several artistic, technical and administrative collaborators.

His first performance "What the Body Does Not Remember" premièred in 1987 and was soon being shown on international stages. In 1988, Wim Vandekeybus received the Bessie Award in New York for this production, which was referred to by the NYTimes as "a revolution in dance". Since, he has staged more than fifteen choreographies, touring all around the world. Vandekeybus started in film by co-directing his own dance video's (Roseland, La Mentira, In Spite of Wishing and Wanting) , and a few years later, started writing and directing short films which - although originally made for use in his choreographies - soon earned him prizes at film festivals worldwide. 

His two last mid-length films, "Blush" (theatrically released in Belgium and France) and "Here-after", have pathed the way for his first feature film "Galloping Mind", released in 2015. 

In 2007 a triple dvd box compiling over 7 hours of his work was released internationally.

More about Wim Vandekeybus on www.ultimavez.com