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Vincent Coen (Ghent, 1975) and Guillaume Vandenberghe (Ghent, 1978) live and work in Brussels. They met as teenagers playing in a rock band together and have since collaborated on various projects. 

After graduating in Social and Political Sciences at the university of Ghent with the award-winning dissertation Cyberutopism vs Cyberdystopism, Vincent studied experimental film at the Rits film school. He wrote and directed several short films. His work was selected for Tribeca Film Fest, AFI Dallas Int Film Fest, Rhode Island International Film Festival, Montreal World Film Festival… At this moment he is preparing his first feature fiction film "Choco" produced by Savage Film. 

Guillaume, first studied photography at KASK Ghent and later graduated as a cinematographer at INSAS film school. Next to his activities as D.O.P., he directed several experimental shorts. His work was shown at festivals and musea all over the world: Pusan Int Film Fest , Karlovy Vary Int Film Fest, Int Rotterdam Film Fest, Int Fest of Films on Art… 

Coming from a background with mixed cultural influences, they share a fascination for the concept of identity in a multi-cultural environment, hence their love for Brussels.

Cinéma Inch'Allah! is their debut feature documentary and first collaboration with Savage Film.

Their new film, Rien n'est pardonné was released early 2017.