Pascal Poissonnier


Pascal Poissonnier (born in Belgium in 1973) is a filmmaker, a musician and an occasional performer.

He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent (KASK). His graduation short film ‘Dat Ben Ik' (This Is Me), which has been particularly appreciated  in Belgium and abroad, has been screened and selected 

for several international film festivals, and won a few awards.

His strong interest in the writing process stimulated his curiosity towards ‘the scenario". Therefore, after graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, he did an MA in scriptwriting.

One year after, he came into contact with the theatre world. What initially was supposed to be a project on the side, ended up to be a long collaboration with the theatre house Kopergietery in Ghent. Up till now, this connection still exists although a bit more along the sideline.

In the last few years Pascal directed and produced several commercials, reportages, short films, video-clips and commissioned films. He created a video installation, released several EP's and made videos for performing arts.
Pascal is currently guest lecturer at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent and at the Lemmens Institute. 

With SAVAGE FILM, he directed two documentaries "Walking Back To Happiness" and "No Comment", and is presently directing the documentary 'Arno - Vive ma Liberté' in coproduction with Arte Geie and RTBF.

The work of Pascal can be described as truly and pure, with the focus on humanity and the duality of human existence.