Hans Van Nuffel

Hans Van Nuffel (born in 1981) graduated from the Rits in 2005var/media/site/social_media/Hans.jpg with great honors. His graduation short, the short film "The end of the ride" got him his first major award, a 60.000 euro "Wildcard" from the Flemish Audiovisual Fund. With that money he made "Fal", another ambitious short film that won him both the Juryprize at the International shortfilmfestival of Louvain and juryprize at the Montréal Word Filmfestival. In 2009 he went on to make Nighthawks, another short, before moving on to greener pastures with "Adem", his critically acclaimed debut feature film, in 2010.

"Adem" (Oxygen/Oxygène) visited over thirty festivals, where it picked up five national and fifteen international prizes, most notably the Grand Prix des Ameriques in Montréal, the Variety New Talent Award in Zürich, the Marco Aurelio Nella citta prize at the Rome Filmfestival and the Discovery Award at the 2011 European Film Awards.

Hans has been steadily working on his new feature film ever since, a story that further elaborates on the setting first explored in "Fal". The film is currently in development, and will be called "Equator"