The Chapel


"The Chapel" is the story of Jennifer Rogiers, a young virtuoso pianist who participates in the world famous Queen Elisabeth Competition. During this real event, the 12 finalists are isolated in "the chapel" for seven days. All contact with the outside world is forbidden. Jennifer suffers from the stress of the competition and the isolation. Bad memories from the past surface again.



Writer & Director: Dominique Deruddere

Cast: Lucy Boynton, Sienna Guillory, James D'Arcy

Producers: SAVAGE FILM - Bart Van Langendonck & Sarah Marks 

Cinematography: Ruben Impens

Production Designer: Kurt Rigolle

Costume Designer: Lorette Meus

Language: English

Format: HD color

Running Time: approx. 100 min.

Shooting Locations: Belgium



Estimated shooting period: Autumn 2018

Estimated delivery: Summer 2019

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