When film director Boy Talma returns to his home town to shoot his new musical film, he learns he has nine months left to live. He decides to keep his death sentence a secret, but the scenes he invents for his film increasingly coincide with events in his own life. Time goes by in a rollercoaster of unique encounters with people who, without him realizing, accompany him on his journey towards the end.

Production company: Doxy (NL): Janneke Doolaard, Sylvia Baan

Director: Ramon Gieling

With: Johan Heldenberg, Thekla Reuten, Hannah Hoekstra, Cecila Vos, Valentijn Dhaenens

Financiers: Netherlands Film Fund, Brabant C Fund, Gemeente 's Hertogenbosch, Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Belgian Taxshelter, Telenet

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