Drop shot - The Hab
Drop Shot - Intern
Drop Shot alcohol


After causing a fatal accident in a club in Miami, John Carrol receives a proposition to smuggle money to Europe. The deal, however,isn't what it seems to be and after an identity swap he ends up in The Hab, a retro-futuristic rehab center. There he is faced with his own alcohol addiction and meaningless existence. When he discovers that one of his co-alcoholics is the world famous tennis player Tiffany Gait, he realises there is a quick way out of this cul-de-sac. But then the woman who he wants to blackmail saves his life. Just when he finds his relief, he discovers he is not the only one in The Hab who has a hidden agenda, or who is hunted by demons from the past...


Director & Writer: Tom Barman

Producer: SAVAGE FILM - Bart Van Langendonck & Sarah Marks

With the support of: Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Creative Europe

Cast: TBC

Language: English

Shooting Locations: TBC

Format: HD color

Running Time: approx. 120 min.


Estimated Shooting Period: Spring 2019

Estimated Delivery: End 2020

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