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It is said that coffee has three flavours: bitter, sour and a final sweet aftertaste. Directed by award winning director Cristiano Bortone, the film tells 3 very moving stories set in as many parts of the earth (Italy, Belgium, China), all connected by the element of coffee. Through its metaphorical thread the film creates an emotional representation of the challenges that our world is facing: western economic crisis, racial clashes, ecological emergency... Our planet is precious and we will only save it together.


Director: Cristiano Bortone
Writers: Cristiano Bortone, Annalaura Ciervo Matthew Thomson, Shi Minghua, Shi Minghui
Cast: Miriam Dalmazio, Dario El Hombre, Tongsheng Han, Yuqi Zhang, Qi Xi, Xiaodong Guo, Koen De Bouw, Arne De Tremerie, Hichem Yacubi, Charlotte de Bruyne
Producer: Cristiano Bortone - Orisa Produzioni (IT),
Co-producers: Bart Van Langendonck - Savage Film (BE), Road Productions (CN), China Blue Films (CN)
Cinematographer: Vladan Radovic
Production designer: Kurt Rigolle
Editor: Claudio di Mauro
With the support of: Italian Ministry of Culture, BLS - Sud Tirol, R.A.I., Screen Flanders, Belgian tax shelter for film financing, City of Antwerp
Genre: drama


International Film Festival São Paolo (Brazil, 2016)
Venice Days (Italy, 2016)


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