Douglas Boswell


Douglas Boswell is a Belgian director. Having directed several successful tv-series and a number of award winning short films he worked with Savage Film on his first feature film, based on a script of Pierre Declercq.

His filmography includes the tv-series "David" (60 episodes), "LouisLouise" (50 episodes), "Wittekerke" (30 episodes) and "Elfenheuvel" (68 episodes). His short film "Romance" has won numerous awards (best short film at film festival de Carmona, Seville, Spain, special award Warschau, Poland) and was selected at many others (official selection Montreal, Flanders International Film Festival, Ghent) and bought by various TV stations in Europe and the US.

Douglas Boswell released his first feature film "Labyrinthus" in July 2014. Now in cinemas!