Parked Lives
Parked Lives 1


Parked Life is an intimate protrait of Petar, one of the million Eastern Europe truck drivers who travel back and forth across the continent. Navigating endless motorways and anonymous parking lots, he endures loneliness and isolation. Like thousands of thers, Petar sits alone in his cabin 46 weeks a year, distanced both phisically and emotionally from his family and any kind of real human contact.

Why is he doing this? What are his dreams? How are his relationships with his loved ones? How does he see the future? Does the highway lead him to a better life? Or is it an endless road? 


Director: Peter Triest

Produced by: Bart Van Langendonck - Savage Film (BE)

Producer: Vincent Metzinger - Savage Film (BE)

Co-Producers: Fabie Hulsebos - Docmakers (NL)

Partners: Mediafonds (NL), NCRV, The Belgian Tax Shelter for Film Financing

Format: HD color

Running time: approx. TV hour & 80'-90' min. version



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