Sabina is the citizen of a country that no longer exists: Yugoslavia. Like her, several generations of Yugoslavs believed in the dream of a just society. Then this dream was blown apart, turning into an apocalypse. And yet they are all still branded with their memories of the Tito era. What are the reasons for this nostalgia? Who was Tito, this Tito they now miss? They had made him into more than a great president, more than a historical figure. They had made him into their way of thinking and even their way of being. So what is their relationship with him like today?

Sabina (38 years old), who was once one of Tito's pioneers (a member of the Communist Youth), is the main character of the film. She is the one who leads us in the footsteps of Tito, her hero, whose far too brilliant official story hid another, darker truth. It is she who gathers people's accounts, visits the important places of the story, and places the fabulous but occult legacy of the ‘Tito Generation' in its context.

Drawing on archive footage and the personal memories Sabina still has today, the film allows us to hear the humorous voice of a young Yugoslavian woman with its blend of nostalgia, rage and grief. It questions the utopia (imperfect for some, revolutionary for others) of Yugoslavia during the Tito era. Her questions take us on a metaphorical journey to two almost neighbouring islands: shining Brinoi, reserved for visits by special guests and heads of state, the only island Sabina had heard of; and then Goli Otok (the Barren Island), a camp where political opponents were sent to work and for re-education, which Sabina only found out about long after Tito's death.

The questions don't expect any answers; they are asking to be questioned, and this film is a passionate question.



Director: Robin Hunzinger

Writers: Robin Hunzinger and Sabina Subasic

Photography: Jérôme Kempa

Editor: Jeanne Moutard, Robin Hunzinger

Sound: Patrick Maenhout


Co-producers: Bart Van Langendonck - SAVAGE FILM (BE)

With the support of: the Media Development Program of the E.U.

With the participation of: CANVAS/VRT, CNC






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