The documentary "Green Trap" will tell you the effects of the emerging biomass market. A story of a frantic race with a serie of prominent actors: politicians, political activist, oil company manager, scientists, energy and commodity gurus. They are all competing. The emerging of this new industry that grows every year has an effect on almost all the citizens of the Planet, everywhere in the world. Our society model is in danger. 

This is a crucial issue if we are to safeguard our model of society and the reproduction of life on earth and ensure the survival of humankind.

"Green Trap" is an investigative documentary that will plunge us, without taboos, into this new world of biofuels, exploring their history and revealing the scientific, political, economic, social and environmental consequences. Much is at stake in the race for Green Gold.



Director: Sergio Ghizzardi

Producer: Sergio Ghizzardi - DOMINO PRODUCTION (BE)

Co-producers: EX-NIHILO (BE), Bart Van Langendonck - SAVAGE FILM (BE), RTBF, INDI FILMS and Go West

In collaboration with: WIP and STAR TV

With the support of: Centre du Cinéma et de l'Audiovisuel Wallonie-Bruxelles et des Télédistributeurs wallons, Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)



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