dragon women cover


In response to a journalist asking about women’s strength in times of crisis, Christine Lagarde said: ‘If Lehman Brothers had been “Lehman Sisters,” today’s economic crisis clearly would look quite different.’ Since the 2008 banking crisis, the world of finance has continued to generate hostility in most people’s minds and women in this field, often stigmatized as ‘dragon women’, still represent a tiny minority (around 7% of senior positions). 


In this documentary, five fierce women in the world of finance - aged 25 to 65 - try to maintain a balance between their work and private life. Filmed in their sleek offices, at home, and during their leisure time, they explain how they have had to transform their femininity to remain ‘in the game’.




Director : Frédérique de Montblanc

Producer : Bart Van Langendonck