100 UP

Documentary about happy people with a contagious zest for life of 100 years or older. Is passion for life the recipe for longevity?

In the documentary 100UP world-renowned film maker Heddy Honigmann would like to meet a cross-section of remarkable centenarians from different backgrounds and cultures who still enjoy life. From musicians and lawyers to poets and entrepreneurs. She would like to film how they handle old age, how happy they are in spite of physical discomforts and impending death and how precious life is to them. Do they think about death? About how much time is left?

Production company: Dutch Mountain Film - Wilant Boekelman, Rogier Kramer

Co-production: Savage Film - Bart Van Langendonck, TenkTV - Frode Sobstad

Financiers: Dutch Film Fund, Production Incentive, Cobo Fund, Eurimages, Flanders Audiovisual Fund, VRT-Canvas, Norwegian Film Fund

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